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How to clean spa pipes

Cleaning your spa pipes plays a vital role in maintaining the health and hygiene of your spa. This article outlines why you should be degreasing your spa pipes regularly and how to get the job done effectively.

The very murky world of spa pipes

Cleaning your spa pipes is an essential task. Due to the warmth of the water and spas, being a much smaller body of water, spa pipes can become a perfect breeding ground for a host of nasty bacteria and other organisms. Additionally, spa pipes will often end up coated internally with body oils, soaps and other products we wash into the spa when we use it. If left uncleaned, it can cause your spa to release a very unpleasant smell and/or cause the water to go a milky colour.

If it has been some time since your last pipe clean, you will be astonished by just how dirty the water flowing back into the spa is.

Why you should use a specialised Spa Pipe Cleaner

A specialised Spa pipe cleaner/degreaser effectively breaks down and removes the gunk from the pipe wall, flushing it back into the water. You then dump the dirty water and refill it with fresh water from the tap and your spa will remain sparkly and clear.

This process should be done every 3-6 months, which is how often you should be changing your spa water anyway. More often than not you’ll find a whole host of dust, dirt and other gunk that was sitting in the pipes. We also recommend purging your spa pipes when you take receipt of new spa, this will ensure your water has its best start with minimal contaminants.

We recommend Aquaspa Pipe Klenz and Poppit Spa Pipe Degreaser for an effective, fast clean

Can I use bleach to clean spa pipes?

No. Believe it or not, household bleach is usually just the same base chemical as liquid chlorine, just a weaker concentration and sometimes with other additives to make it smell better. There are a few reasons why you should never use liquid chlorine or bleach in a spa but it also won’t help with actually removing any of the gunk along the wall of the pipes. There are special degreasing agents available that are designed to help flush your spa pipes.

How should I clean my spa jets?

The internals of your spa jets will be cleaned during the pipe cleaning and degreasing process. Adding the degreaser to your water and then running it through the circulation of your spa to flush the pipes. As for external jet cleaning, a simple brush and wipe should remove the vast majority of gunk on the external face of the jet

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