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Direct Pool Supplies have a range of Robotic Pool Cleaners for domestic pools including the very popular Zodiac & Revolution I, II & III range of Robotic Pool Cleaners. Remote controlled models available.

Robotic Pool Cleaners save energy. Can clean your pool without putting added strain on your pool pump & filter, like when using a suction cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaners work totally independent of your pool pump. They are "Plug & Play" & have their own internal leaf catcher. 


Don't spend big $$ on a robotic cleaner until you fill out the below form. 

Not all robotic pool cleaners will suit every pool.

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They must be sized up to ensure they work for your pool

Fill in then download & save the below PDF form to your computer.

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We will offer you the correct choices that we know will work correctly for your pool

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