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Zodiac / Fluidra has a range of swimming pool pumps to suit every budget. The Titan & FloPro pool pumps suit the smallest pools, up to pools over 100,000 litres.

Check out the FloPro E3 and also the top of the range variable speed ePump. These pumps can save you $100's of dollars per year in running costs, with the latter having the ability to be connected to the iAqualink so you can control your pool over the Internet. Contact us for more details.  

Zodiac Variable Speed Pumps

Zodiac Eco Variable Speed Pool Pumps offer greater power efficiency, saving you money on your next electricity bill. Zodiac FloPro pumps are favourite for their easy installation, low runnings costs and quiet operation

Zodiac Single Speed Pumps

Zodiac Single Speed pumps offer value for money and long-lasting durability. Zodiac Titan Pool Pumps offer a high performance on a budget. This range of pumps is perfect for filtration and pool cleaning while requiring minimal maintenance

Looking for Zodiac Pump Spares?

We stock a wide range of Zodiac Pool Pump spare parts to keep your current pump in top condition. Our Spare Parts are available here

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