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Get the most from your swimming pool by adding a pool heating system. We offer a huge range of pool heating options to help you extend your swimming season and enjoy your pool all year long.

Types of pool heating

The most popular pool heating systems include solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters, and electric pool heaters. Gas has traditionally been the most common method for heating pools, but solar is gaining in popularity and electric pumps are offering more energy efficiency than they have before. Each method has its pros and cons and your choice will depend on factors such as where you live, what your main goals are with buying a heat pump, and what fits your budget requirements. Speak to our friendly staff to find out more and discuss your requirements so that you can feel confident you're making the right choice. You might also like to check out our blog post How to Choose a Heat Pump Pool Heater to see if an electric heater is right for you, or for a comparison read Heat Pump vs Solar Heating.

Smart WiFi Heat Pump Operation

Take ultimate control of your pool heat pump using your smartphone. SensaHeat allows you to turn your heat pump on at work and come home to a pool sitting at the perfect swimming temperature. It's true convenience and efficiency for operating your heat pump.

How to save money with a pool heat pump

There are three main ways we recommend that help you save money on pool heating.

1) Choose a heat pump with the latest Inverter Technology for a soft start to reduce energy demand.

2) Use WiFi control. WiFi control is useful to ensure the heat pump is not running when you don't need it to. Your smartphone can start and (more importantly) stop your heat pump from wherever you are.

3) Lastly, we always recommend using a pool cover. This will help your pool water heat up faster and retain heat.

How to choose a heat pump pool heater

There are a few tricks to choosing the right heat pump pool heater for your pool. Some things you'll want to know before you bite the bullet and buy. For our helpful tips on making the right decision, read our blog post How to choose a Heat Pump Pool Heater.


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