Aquabrite - The only chlorine free oxidiser specially developed and suitable for use with copper and silver ionic water purification systems.

They are sometimes known as Poolfresh Plus.

A chlorine free oxidiser for use in all copper & silver ionic water purification systems.

Aquabrite- Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools. A great Saltwater Pool Boost

Compatible with chlorine pools.

*please note: This is a dangerous goods item. The delivery of this item will take longer than an average parcel

Aquabrite details:

  • Size: 5 kg
  • Highly concentrated oxygen compound that reduces and eliminates combined chlorine levels in pools.
  • Active Constituent:A blend of Peroxygem Compounds
  • Use as a non-chlorine shock for swimming pools.
  • Excellent OXIDISER for Ionised and Nature 2 Pools and Spas.
  • White, flowable powder.
  • Oxidises organic contaminants.
  • Used regularly - potentiates sanitiser effect.
  • pH neutral - compare to similar products.
  • Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water.
  • You can test for the levels of Aquabrite by using a standard DPD1 test tablet.

How to use Aquabrite

Used only weekly. Around 1 handful for a 50,000l average pool.

A regular dose will benefit all pools (we recommend this be done at least monthly). It is particularly useful in salt-chlorinated pools and Ionised pools. Bathers can enter the pool 15 minutes after application.

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