AquaFresh Performance is a non-chlorine shock treatment. We all know that pools harbour all types of organic material. Bacteria, viruses, algae as well as other organic deposits from leaves, dust, dirt, body oils, fats, urine, and other exudates all place a heavy load on sanitisers.AquaFresh Performance has the ability to oxidize protein and other organic material it actually breaks up organic matter.

AquaFresh Performance details

  • Size: 5kg
  • Oxidises organic contaminants.
  • Breaks up organic matter.
  • Contains clarifying agent for sparkling clear water.
  • Non-chlorine shock treatment.
  • Should not be used in chlorine pools.

How to use AquaFresh Performance

  • Dosage: 50gm per 10,000L of pool water.
  • Repeat every 2 weeks or as necessary.

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