Balboa VL702S Coast Spas Touchpad Only

Overlay requires separate purchase.

Compatible with VS/GS Systems. Consult the tech sheet of a specific VS/GS system to ensure correct functionality of this touchpad.

Comes with RJ45 plug. 

The following overlays are available:

B-11790 2 pump, 1 blower (B,M,J,J,L,W,C)
B-11894 2 pump, 1 aux (L,M,J,J,A,W,C)
B-11957 3 pump, no blower (L,M,J,J,J,W,C)

Touchpad Dimensions
Face Size –
Length: 262mm
Width: 117mm
Depth: 30mm

Hole Size –
Length: 162mm
Width: 58mm

Touchpad Lead Length: 3m

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