THE BWT B100 robotic cleaner makes maintaining your backyard swimming pool easy. Built for performance, functionality and intelligence - all at an unbelievable price

Fast Robotic Pool Cleaning

The BWT B100 Robotic pool cleaner utilises a smart navigation system to intelligently scan and detect obstacles while computing the most optimal route.With four large wheels, BWT robotic cleaners cope with any obstacles, moving easily between toys forgotten on the pool floor by your children. Simple and robust travel, perfect for a family pool.

Fine Filtration for an ultra-clean pool

The 4D filter consists of elastic 3D microfibre loops, which, coupled with the vibrating motion, maximises water throughput. The vibration improves the suction power and prevents clogging of the filters. The 4D filter traps even the tiniest impurities. From leaves to grains of sand, nothing escapes.

BWT B100 Robotic Pool Cleaner details:

  • Suitable for pools up to 8m long
  • Suitable for any shape pool, and any surface
  • Cleaning cycle duration: 1.5 hours
  • Suction flow rate: 19 m3/h
  • Cable length: 16m
  • Weight: 9.5kg
  • Easy filter cleaning
  • 4D filter traps impurities for a cleaner pool
  • Large four-wheel drive tracks
  • Intelligent drive systen
  • Adjustable intake valve
  • 4 drive brushes and an additional rotating brush
  • Guarantee: 2years

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