Transform Your Pool and Spa Cleaning with the BWT PK X-Flow Rechargeable Vacuum!

Are you tired of the hassle of tangled cords and underperforming pool cleaners? Say hello to a new era of pool and spa maintenance with the BWT PK X-Flow Rechargeable Vacuum. This innovative cleaning powerhouse is here to revolutionize your pool cleaning experience, offering a cordless, powerful, and efficient solution that ensures your pool and spa stay crystal clear without the hassle.

BWT PK X-Flow Rechargeable Pool/Spa Vacuum details:

Cordless Freedom: Enjoy the freedom to clean your pool and spa without being tethered to a power source. The BWT PK X-Flow operates cordlessly, giving you the flexibility to reach every corner effortlessly.

Easy Installation: Connects seamlessly to a standard Australian telescopic pole (not included), making it a breeze to maneuver and clean those hard-to-reach spots.

Waterproof Magnetic Switch: Built with advanced technology, the waterproof magnetic switch ensures safe and reliable operation, even in wet conditions.

Generous Debris Capacity: Tired of constantly emptying your vacuum? The BWT PK X-Flow boasts an extra-large debris capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying and allowing you to clean more in one go.

Efficient Filtration: Equipped with a quick water release valve and two filters (Standard filter and Fine filter sock), this vacuum efficiently traps debris of all sizes, leaving your pool and spa water sparkling clean.

Powerful Suction: The round suction mouth design enhances suction power, ensuring thorough cleaning and removing dirt, leaves, and other debris with ease.

Versatile Application: Suitable for both pools and spas, the BWT PK X-Flow caters to your entire aquatic oasis, providing you with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Impressive Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 350
  • Autonomous Run Time: Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning with a medium-sized pool.
  • Operational Depth: Dive down to 3 meters to tackle debris even in deeper pools.
  • Free Storage Bag: Keep your vacuum and accessories organized and ready for action with the included storage bag.

Upgrade your pool and spa cleaning routine with the BWT PK X-Flow Rechargeable Vacuum. Experience the convenience of cordless cleaning, powerful suction, and efficient filtration, all in one sleek and user-friendly package. Make pool maintenance a breeze – invest in the BWT PK X-Flow and dive into a world of sparkling clean waters!

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