Waterco Trimline C25 Replacement Cartridge Filter Element

Has an open hole at each end.

Used as a replacement element for Waterco Trimline C25 Cartridge Filter.

Manufacturer Part No. 62040

This is a generic part

Waterco C25 pool filter cartridge details

  • Filter Dimensions
    Length: 240mm
    Diameter: 185mm
    Top Hole ID: 77mm
    Bottom Hole ID: 77mm
    Box Qty: 4

    1 year warranty for manufacturing or material defects only

    *Please note due to manufacturing tolerances there may be a slight variation to the above measurements.

  • Brand:               Reemay
  • SKU:                 W25
  • Length:             244
  • Diameter:    185
  • Hole:           77

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