Slow the build up of unsightly calcium scale on your pool walls and keep the interior looking its best all year round.

Cal-Stop® is a highly active treatment for all cement-based plaster and aggregate pool finishes to prevent calcium formation, surface discoloration and staining. The advanced blend of water-soluble multi-polymers inhibits the formation of calcium scale and metallic stains on pool surfaces and on the cells of saltwater chlorinators.

  • Suitable for all pool surface types
  • Size: 1.9 litres
  • Softens calcium build-up so that it is easy to brush off
  • Minimises calcium build up and scale formation on pool
    surfaces, pipes, filtration systems and heaters
  • Holds calcium in suspension (up to 1.000PPM)
  • Each 1.9 litre bottle of Cal-Stop® will treat between 40,000 –
    50,000 litres of pool water and lasts up to six months.

The polymers used in Cal-Stop® have been approved by the Environmental Agency for use in swimming pools and potable (drinking) water.

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