Davey XP Household pressure pump systems...

Models from 25 to 45 lpm and up to 300 kPa pressure. Pressure tank controlled.

Ideal for pressure boosting applications for:-
Suburban homes - pressurising drinking water from
rain water tanks.
Small weekenders / cottages - delivering pressurised
water from rainwater catchment tanks
Boats (240V A.C. power)
Domestic water supply
Pressure boosting
Automatic water transfer

Why choose the Davey XP Pressure Pump?

Single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump
Higher operating pressures
Less moving parts for increased dependability

Corrosion resistant engineered thermoplastic pump components

Longer life when pumping a variety of water qualities
Reduced friction within the casing and impellers
Pump feet provide outstanding life even when installed on wet surfaces

In-built compact accumulator and pump casing for

Easier installation in small spaces
Longer accumulator life

Download the XP25 datasheet

Download the XP35 datasheet

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