Davey factory mechanical seal. Part No 47863. 5/8inch. Use only genuine factory spare parts for your Davey pumps.

Mechanical Seal fits between the Backplate & the Impeller & is used to seal the Motor Shaft

Suits Shallow Well & Deep Well -0& -1Pumps Only - 095S1-0, 095S1-1, 095D1-0, 095D1-1, 125S1-0, 125S1-1, 125D1-0, 125D1-1, 165S1-0, 165S1-1, 165D1-0, 165D1-1, 165S3-0, 165S3-1, 165D3-0, 165D3-1

Does not suit Shallow Well & Deep Well -2& -3Pumps - Use P/N 48801SP

Suits DynaFlo Transfer Pumps - 60061R-0, 60061R-1, 62001-1, 62001-2, 62001S-0, 62101-1, 62101-2, 62101S-0, 62103-0.

Only suits these model pumps. Other Models may use P/N 48801SP, P/N 402769SP,P/N 400161SP OR P/N 30736

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