Davey Silensor SLL400 pool pump.


Introducing the Davey Silensor SLL400 Pool Pump: Where Power Meets Tranquility!

Experience the ultimate combination of power and serenity with the Davey Silensor SLL400 Pool Pump. Boasting a robust 1.6HP motor and an impressive 2.4HP water-cooled design, this 240-volt pool pump delivers efficient performance all year round. With super quiet operation, you can run the pump day or night, making it the perfect single-speed pool pump for any residential oasis.

Suits pool sizes from 85,000 up to 110,000 Litres

Key Features ofDavey Silensor SLL400 Pool Pump

  1. Unmatched Power and Efficiency: The SLL400's revolutionary Water Cooled motor design ensures optimal efficiency and performance throughout the year. Its 2.4HP motor delivers unparalleled power, making it suitable for a wide range of pool and spa applications.

  2. Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy the tranquillity of your pool and spa with the SLL400's super quiet noise level. Whether you're relaxing poolside during the day or taking a late-night swim, this pump operates almost silently, ensuring a peaceful pool environment.

  3. Versatile Applications: The Davey Silensor SLL400 is your ultimate pool and spa companion, ideal for:

    • Filtration: Keep your pool water pristine and crystal clear.
    • Auto Pool Cleaning: Let the pump handle the cleaning, so you can focus on relaxation.
    • Backwashing: Effortlessly remove debris and contaminants from your filter system.
    • Water Features: Enhance your pool's ambience with captivating water features.
    • Spa Jet Operation: Indulge in the invigorating power of spa jets.
    • Solar, Gas, and Heat Pump Heating: Enjoy comfortable water temperatures all year round with various heating options.
  4. Suitable for Saltwater Pools: The SLL400 is designed to handle saltwater pools, making it a versatile choice for different pool setups.

  5. Ventilation-Free Installation: With no need for ventilation, the SLL400 provides more flexibility for installers, ensuring a seamless setup tailored to your pool's needs.

  6. Automatic Built-in Thermal Cut-out: The pump features a built-in thermal cut-out, eliminating the need for a separate safety switch and providing added peace of mind.

Upgrade your pool and spa experience with the Davey Silensor SLL400 Pool Pump. Embrace the power of a 2.4HP motor while indulging in the tranquillity of a virtually silent pump. From filtration to spa relaxation, this pump handles it all with ease. With a 3-year warranty for added assurance, the SLL400 promises to elevate your pool and spa experience like never before.

Transform your poolside oasis into a haven of power and tranquillity with the Davey Silensor SLL400 Pool Pump. Upgrade today and dive into a world of exceptional performance and unmatched enjoyment!

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