Davey are pleased to announce the release of a new range of Pool pumps, the Davey Starflo.

There are only two models in this range and have been designed so that they fit straight into any existing installation where an Astral Hurlcon CX/TX/CTX and E230/E290 pool pump would normally be re-sold back into. Same fittings, same connection dimensions‚Ä true retro fit.

Also replaces the Clark Rubber Filtrite pool pumps

The Starflo pool pumps come with some high spec's…Silicone carbide / viton mech seal; 3016 s/s shaft; aluminium capacitor; Nyglass fittings and wet end; Noryl impellor (similar to our QB spa pumps) to handle heated and treated water.

To top it off, they also have a large hair and lint pot with the motor having an equipotential bonding point for earthing.

Ideal for any salt water or natural applications. Can also be used for multiple other applications such as hydroponics, aquaculture or any water transfer uses including cooling towers, chicken sheds etc.

Two models:

DSF300 - 1 HP
DSF420 - 1.5 HP




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