DuraMax Duo Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner is the most durable automatic cleaner for Olympic size pools.

DuraMax Duo Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner details

  • Its dual Pump Motors and Filter Bags provide ample filtration for pools over 25 metres and up to 50metres long.
  • Its double-body design is focused on maximum durability, quickness, and agility.
  • Factory programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub the pool floor with onboard Brushes, self-contained Filter, Pumps, and Drive Motors.
  • Four-direction Radio Remote Control to manually change direction easily.
  • Users can change the automatic program to include wall cleaning or add an hour cleaning cycle delay.
  • Stay-Cool Power Supply with low voltage transformer and 4 button Radio Remote Control included.
  • Digital Display to adjust the cycle for 1-7 hours or Continuous Run to meet exact cleaning needs.

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