Iluka Brilliance is a versatile spa conditioner that seamlessly maintains the quality of your spa water, surface and pipework, keeping them all in pristine condition.
It gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a protector working continuously for you in your spa keeping it sparkling and healthy.

ILUKA Brilliance Benefits:

ILUKA brilliance has been specially formulated for a hot water environment and will:

  • Constantly safeguard your spa or hot tub
  • Increase the clarity and brilliance of your water
  • Make your water smell fresh and feel both soft and silky
  • Keep your water in the freshest, cleanest condition that you have ever experienced
  • Shield the water and pipework from Bio-Film
  • Aid ILUKA to purify to work more efficiently and economically
  • Keep your pipework and heater elements in a cleaner, healthier condition
  • Help reduce your pump running time

A monthly maintenance dose of 250ml of ILUKA brilliance should be added for every 1,000 litres of water


  • Add a maintenance dose of ILUKA brilliance to protect your spa
  • Add a maintenance dose of ILUKA eliminate to oxidise your spa

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