Introducing the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Robotic Pool Cleaner: The Ultimate Australian-Made Pool Cleaning Marvel

Unparalleled Innovation: Dive into a new era of pool cleaning with the RX-Tank, the first of its kind. Proudly Australian-designed and made, this robotic suction pool cleaner boasts our exclusive Robotic X-Overtechnology. With a patent-pending (P45510AUP1) zig-zag steering system, it ensures your pool is spotless, even in those tricky corners.

Smart & Convenient: Experience the genius robotic cleaners are celebrated for, combined with the ease of a suction pool cleaner. The RX-Tank is your ticket to a 100% hassle-free and automated pool cleaning experience.

ROBOTIC X-OVERCLEANING: The "RX" in RX-Tank signifies "robotic crossover". Our unique patent-pending steering system, coupled with cutting-edge pool cleaner tech, amplifies suction power and enhances the RX-Tank's agility and strength. Whether paired with variable speed pumps or not, the RX-Tank remains the undisputed champion of pool cleaning.

Energy-Efficient Excellence:

  • Zero Running Costs: Operate efficiently with a single-speed pump.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Syncs seamlessly with all variable speed pumps.
  • Energy Saver: Not just electricity, but your energy too!
  • Undercover Operation: Works flawlessly beneath a pool blanket.
  • Smart Gearing: Programmed to stay unstuck and on the move.

HALO Pump Protection Your Pool's Guardian Angel: The included Halo pump protector ensures no air breaches your system. Acting as a vigilant protector for your pool pump, it guarantees the cleaner releases from pool walls without any air intrusion.

Authentically Australian: The RX-Tank isn't just made in Australia; it's a product of Australian ingenuity.

What's in the RX-Tank Package?

  • RX-Tank Machine
  • Flexible Hose Connector
  • 10m Ultra Flex Hose
  • Smart Skim (Automatic Vacuum Control Valve)

Why wait? Elevate your pool cleaning game with the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Robotic Pool Cleaner. An investment in pristine pools and peace of mind. Order now!

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