Liquid Lithium is a convenient way to sanitise your spa, especially if you are looking for an alternative to Bromine, Hydrogen Peroxide or Dichlor.. Available as chlorine, presents as Lithium Hypochlorite This is the only liquid spa sanitiser around and it is Australian Made!

The reason spa owners would choose Liquid Lithium over other sanitisers is that it is a very efficient, cost-effective sanitiser which will not corrode your spa.

More About Liquid Lithium

  • Liquid lithium has virtuallyno odour and is very easy to use without causing nasal irritation.
  • It leaves no residue and is an extremely fast-actingsanitiser because it is not solid.
  • Saves you money on chemicals, unlike bromine anddichlorthere isno need to "ph up" after using liquid lithium
  • Doesn't corrode your spa, unlike bromine.
  • Gold standard in spa sanitisation
  • Australian Made
  • Available in 500ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litre sizes.
  • The solution has a strength of 100 g/L available chlorine, present as lithium hypochlorite soluble concentrate.

Easy measurement and Dosing

The packaging has a measuring chamber in the bottle to enable easy and fast dosing. Because you don't need to wait for liquid Lithium to dissolve it is ready to go immediately.

To keep your spa sparkling and clean simply use 20ml per day per spa use for every 1000 Litres of spa water.

Aim to be 3ppm when using a test strip and does your spa accordingly based on how many litres of water your spa holds.

In recent times it has been difficult to obtain Lithium Hypochlorite Sanitiser however there is now a reliable ongoing supply of Bond Liquid Lithium.

Bond Liquid Lithium Spa Sanitiser benefits:

  • Size: 500 ml
  • Easy to measure bottle
  • Stable pool and spa sanitiser
  • A small dose goes a long way - making Lithium a highly economical sanitiser
  • Easy to use, just pour and do one strip test.
  • Will not corrode your spa parts
  • No staining
  • Simple pH control as Liquid Lithium has no added alkali and does not increase pH
  • Liquid Lithium sanitation system requires fewer chemicals
  • Excellent high-temperature stability
  • Environmentally friendly

How to use Liquid Lithium to sanitise your pool and spa

  1. Initial shock treatment- Refer to the product label for dosage rates
  2. Daily Dosing- Refer to the product label for dosage rates
  3. Super chlorination -Refer to the product label for dosage rates
  4. Dose-friendly bottle enables accurate dosing
  5. Use strip test for Available Chlorine level and adjust as required
  6. Test pH/alkalinity and adjust if required

Liquid Lithium Safety Data Sheet

Liquid Lithium 500ml

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