Madimack's InverMAC technology effortlessly optimises your pool pump, delivering up to 90% better efficiency than basic pumps. Through combining full inverter technology, volute hydraulics, DC brushless motor and intelligent operation, it reduces operation noise by more than 30x - giving you an almost silent experience

Features an impressive 6 Energy Star rating.


  • Power: 1HP
  • Advised Pool Volume (m³): 30~70
  • Voltage (V/Hz): 220~240/ 50/ 60
  • Qmas (L/Min): 350
  • Hmax (m): 16.0
  • Circulation Flow (L/Min) 8m: 300
  • Circulation Flow (L/Min) 10m: 230

Madimack InverFlow Pro 1HP Eco Pool Pump 6 Star Rated features:

  • Full Inverter Technology: Precise control of speed, including automatic adjustments for capacity between 30-100%
  • Centrifugal impeller technology: Advanced systems utilising the latest in centrifugal impeller technology
  • DV Brushless motor: DC brushless motor delivers an almost silent experience with optimised efficiencies and durability
  • AI/MI mode optional
  • Flow reading
  • Power Consumption reading
  • Active Energy Monitor - Real-time energy monitor
  • Adaptive Flow Technology: Intuitively adjusted flow rates to match capacity needs, providing significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear
  • No-flow protection: Intuitive product protection
  • Wi-Fi: can be controlled at any time, anywhere
  • Ultimate pump for pool heaters
  • Warranty: 4 years


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