Tired of paying $800 a year for your pool pump?

Get your money back within 1 year of installation

A standard pool pump will cost between 30c- 40c per hour to run. Installing the Madimack Inverter plus 2.2KW speeds up your pump so that it is only costing 4c per hour. This equates to a whopping $800 a year!

This converts a single-speed pool pump into a variable-speed pool pump!

Easy Installation

You don't need an electrician to install the Madimack inverter it is easy to install yourself.

Super Quiet To Run

The Madimack Inverter plus 2.2KW is 20 X quieter than a normal pump. Say good bye to background pool pump noise!

Intuitive Interface

It has a touchscreen and easy to use display, making your energy savings and power usage transparent.


Please note depending on availability suppliers may provide a unit that is white and not marked as madimack, but they are the same unit. 

Want some more Information?


MadimackInverter Plus Brochure

Madimack Inverter Plus 2.2KWManual

Madimack Heat Sizing Guide

Madimack Pool Heating Evaluation Guide

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