Chlorine tablets, Stabilised Longest Lasting Chlorine Tablets.

ClearChem Multi Action Chlorine Tablets details

  • Pre-measured slow-dissolve tablets

  • Built-in algaecide & clarifier

  • UV block out for longer-lasting protection

  • Ideal for once-a-week application, holiday use

  • 100% soluble (no residue)

  • High-strength formulation for ultra efÔ¨Åcient sanitation

  • 200gm tablet

  • Inbuilt algaecide frees up chlorine to Ô¨Åght bacteria

  • Contains built in clarifier to keep the water sparkling clear

  • Perfect backup for salt pool during the warmer months

  • No requirement for daily dosing

  • Low pH promotes sanitiser efficiency

  • Cyanuric acid increases the longevity of available sanitiser

  • Ideal vacation treatment


250g tablets. Should be placed in a pool floater or in your skimmer basket. This product is stabilized to increase the longevity of chlorine. Ideal as a holiday maintenance product.

As a guide, 2 tablets should be placed in the skimmer in a 40,000L pool to achieve a free chlorine level of 2, with the pool in the correct balance.


  • 1 Tablet per 20,000 litres

Available Sizes

  • 1kg Rigid Pack
  • 2kg Rigid Pack
  • 10kg Rigid Pack

Active Constituent

  • 200gm Trichloroisocyanuric tablet
  • 900g/kg minimum available chlorine
  • 7.5gm/kg copper present as Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

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