Vortex 400 & O2 spa filter

Length - 210mm

Diameter - 125mm

Closed top.

Bottom thread diameter 45mm

Replacement cartridge for Purezone Polyspun

The photo shows one filter for purposes of identification

O2 / Rising Dragon / Escape spa / Arctic Spa C24 Cartridge details:

  • Vortex O2 Spas Replacement Cartridge Filter Element
  • Azure, Aquagym, Aqualap, Cerium, Cobalt, Eon (Post Feb. 2013), Hydrozone, Iridium, Mercury, Nitro, Palladium, Spectrum and Xenon.
  • This spa filter may also suit some other spas.
  • Has a closed top and a fine thread spigot on the bottom.
  • Each spa has 1 x Purezone 400 filter and 2 x pleated cartridge filters however 3 x pleated cartridges can be used
  • Filter Dimensions
    Length: 210mm (not including spigot)
    Diameter: 127mm
    Spigot ID: 36mm
    Spigot OD: 42mm


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