Lumiso Pooltest 3 Photometer

The brand new Lumiso Pooltest 3 combines testing for chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid, for reliable assessments of water quality.

  • High accuracy electronic pool tester, ideal for monitoring outdoor pools
  • Lightweight kitdesign, with space for all accessories and reagents
  • USB connectivity to enable data management and compliance
  • Easy to operateand quick to deliver results
  • Trusted technology, using the global standard DPD method. Developed by our very own Dr Palin

Have full confidence in your results and data compliance

Lumiso uses expert colorimetric analysis to deliver quick and clear results, enabling pool operators to optimise their pool chemistry. View results on the instrument data log or use the USB to manage your data on a PC.

New lightweight kit, inclusive of all required accessories

The new Lumiso Pooltest 3 is packaged in a custom case, inclusive of all necessary reagents and accessories. With space for additional items including spare test tubes and check standards, there is no need to carry additional equipment.

Inclusive of standard and extended range chlorine

The new Lumiso Pooltest 3 removes the need for choice or dilution by including both standard (0 5 mg/L) and extended range chlorine (0 10 mg/L).

Stay pool safe with Lumiso Pooltest 3, ideal for outdoor pools

Regular testing of pool and spa facilities is required to ensure the safety of swimmers and to protect the pool infrastructure. Lumiso Pooltest 3 includes testing for chlorine pH and cyanuric acid, to optimise your treatment plan and ensure water safety for pool users.

Completely waterproof and suitable for humid environments

Whilst we would always recommend keeping your instrument and kit clean and dry, we know that from time to time it will inevitably become wet or end up in the pool. Thatwhy Lumiso has been optimised for poolside use or use in humid environments, with an advanced instrument sealing system and a waterproof reagent box which can be restocked with reagent refill packs. Not only does this protect from water damage but also minimises the amount of packaging used in our kits.

NSF Certified to Level 1 for Accuracy

NSF, the US Public Health and Safety Organization, has certified the Lumiso Pooltest 3 as equipment meeting Level 1 Accuracy for Cyanuric Acid for application in Swimming Pools and pH, Free and Total Chlorine for application in Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.

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