The contents of this kit follows:

2 x W7230226 - Polaris Axle Large with Sand/Gravel Guard

8 x W7230223 -Polaris 280 Wheel Bearing

4 x W7230222 -Polaris Plastic Wheel Screw

4 x W7230224 -Polaris Wheel Washer

3 x W7530206 - Polaris Sweep Hose Attach Clamp

3 x W7230209 -Polaris Wheel (No bearings incl)

1 x W7230225 -Polaris Axle Large (Rear Wheel Only)

1 x W7230213 -Polaris 280 Idler Wheel

1 x W7230219 -Polaris 280 swing axle kit

2x W7230229 -Polaris turbine bearing

1 X W7230230 -Polaris 180/280 turbine shaft tubes

1 x W7230231 -Polaris Drive Shaft Assembly

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