Lochlor Pond and Fountain Algaecide & Clarifier 500mls effectively kills all types of algae and restores clarity in your pond and fountain.

Lochlor Pond & Fountain Algaecide details

Controls and eliminates algae to ensure excellent water quality and is equally effective in flowing and stagnant water.

  • Special formulation for ponds and fountains.
  • Unique copper complex, safe to use where fish are present.
  • Utilises the Lo-Chlor non-staining formulation.
  • Kills all types of algae (blue-green, mustard, black, pink).

How to use

  1. To ensure an adequate concentration in the treated area, either reduce or stop the flow of water before treatment.

  2. Where possible brush down and/or manually remove the algae

  3. Calculate the volume of concentrate required and add to half a bucket full of water (DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DOSE)

  4. Sprinkle the diluted solution over the mass of water to be treated. Where the algae are concentrated in one area, it is advisable to apply the solution in this area.

Repeat if and when algae re-appears.


Use 50ml concentrate per 450 litres of water. 500ml should treat up to 4,500 Litres of water.

Important information

Whilst every effort has been made to formulate this to have minimal effect on fish and the environment and when used as directed, this product is not toxic to most freshwater fish. Though itis impossible to guarantee safety with fish.

Large quantities of decaying algae may reduce oxygen in the water to a point where fish may be killed. Fish toxicity also depends on water hardness. Do not use the product in very soft water.

Try to isolate fish before adding the product.

Where large clumps of algae are present an attempt should be made to remove these with a scoop (or other means) before adding the product.

When used at the manufacturer's recommended retreated water will not adversely affect plants, shrubs, or grass, or domestic animals.

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