Poppit One Step Water Prep 5 Litres strips the water of chlorine & other organic matter & sets pH to neutral.

The One Step water prep sets the pH and alkalinity of the spa water in one go.Its unique formula not only set the pH and alkalinity but also keep them steady for up to 16 weeks minimising the addition of balancing chemicals, saving time, water and money to the spa owners.

Used when changing from lithium or bromine.

Poppit 1 Step Water Prep for Spas details:

  • Size: 5L
  • For use when changing from lithium or bromine.
  • Sets pH and Total Alkalinity in one dose.
  • pH and Alkalinity remain constant for period of up to 12-16 weeks
  • Step 1 in the simple 3 step Poppit system.
  • To use:Add 1L / 1000L for a fresh fill or approx 500ml / 1000L for converting. See labeling for full instructions.
  • 5L is suitable for larger swim spas
  • Contains Sodium Thosulphate 0.5-2%.

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