The Chloromaster Self Cleaning Mineral and Salt Chlorinator is Australian designed and manufactured.

This unit can Retro fit into the Saltmate cell housings.

Upgrade to self cleaning if using the Saltmate 120 or 150.

So if you have a Saltmate 120, 150, RP20 or RP30 you can use this unit.

Simplyslides into your existing Saltmate cell housing

Saltmate 120 or RP20 - Select Model RP20
Saltmate 150 or RP30 - Select model RP30

Comes complete withan Australian made cell that uses plug-in cable - a great feature for quickly removing the cell for inspection and cleaning if necessary.

The Chloromaster has a technologically advanced digital micro processing PCB and works with standard salts & mineral / magnesium salt.

Has a user friendly and easy to set time clock.

Designed for the harsh Australian Environment, when reliability and ease of use is more important than temperamental touchpads and LCD controls.



  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Self-cleaning electrolytic cell
  • Works with standard salt or mineral / magnesium salt
  • User-friendly & easy to set time clock
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Technologically advanced digital micro processing PCB to rival any chlorinator on the market
  • Energy-efficient low kw consumption
  • Flashing LED water fault warning lights
  • 3 Year warranty power pack and 2 years on the cell
  • Two self cleaning models available - RP20 for pools to around 70,000 Litres and RP30 for pools to around 100,000 Litres. The RP30 is suited for heated pools or pools located in tropical climates.

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