The SV4-VH is the ideal companion for your swim spa range, supporting up to 4 x jet pumps plus circ pump and air blower. The SV4-VH features a large 6kW Smart Variable Heater with Dynamic Thermal Tuning, a complete heat pump interface for cost effective heating and cooling of your spa water, and a host of flexible configuration options. Coupled with an attractive, simple to use touch pad with large, easy to read backlit display and buttons the SV4-VH is your ideal spa control choice.



1 phase 230-240v AC

3 phase 400-415v AC

50/60Hz .

MAX total current 60amp or 25amp per phase



544x309x90mm 5kg

Touch Pad:

Needs an oval cut out of 145mm long and 75mm wide.

Has an oval face size of 185mm long and 100mm wide


Heater: 6kw Variable

Light x 2 (needs to be a Spanet LED light)

Touch Pad socket: x 2

Circulation Pump: x1 (Adj 1-24 hour)

Ozone x1

Air Blower: x1 (Vari Spd)

Pump 1: 1 x 1 or 2speed pump

Pump 2: 1 x 1spd (If outlet Pump 1 has a 2speed pump fitted Pump 2 outlet can not be used)

Pump 3: 1 x 1 or 2spd pump

Pump 4: 1 x 1spd (If outlet Pump 3 has a 2speed pump fitted Pump 4 outlet can not be used)

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