Stabilised Pool Chlorine

Built-in clarifier

Built-in water conditioner
UV blockout for longer lasting protection
Ideal chlorine boost
100% soluble
No pre-mixing



Zodiac Pool Sparkle purifier is prescribed by the TWIST bottom yellow ring to achieve optimum protection against bacteria and other nasties without over chlorinating the water.

Simply use the green colour-coded measuring jug and scoop supplied with TWIST & DOSE pool health kit to dose the exact quantity of Pool Sparkle Purifier prescribed by the TWIST.

Rinse scoop and jug after each use.

Make sure the pump is on before dosing.

Dissolve dosage in a bucket of pool and apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool. Run your pump for at least 2 hours following treatment.


Dosage rate per 10,000 Litres

Initial dosage:100 - 170g

Daily dosage:8 - 20g per 10,000L

Alternative daily dosage: 25-30g

Dissolve granules in water prior to use or add directly to water.
Dosage rate indicated is for guide only. Refer to the label on the packaging for further instructions

Active Constituent:504g/Kg available CHLORINE (Cl) present as SODIUM DICHLOROISOCYANURATE also contains 100g/Kg SODIUM TETRABORATE PENTAHYDRATE


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