This Above Ground Pool Square Resin Coping and cover plate kit has been specifically designed to retro fit most wide decked Above Ground Pools.
It is 1180mm long x 170mm wide and has a drop down of 50mm each side.

No more rusting coping. These copings and covers are 100% UV stabilised resin and will last for many years. Much cooler to sit on too!

The coping will fit many older style pools including Clark Sunsoka, Clark Lagoon, Clark Islander, Blue Haven, Poolworld, Driclad and some Zodiac pools.

Square Resin Coping & Cover Plate Kit includes:

  • 1 x  994009C ASA Sorrento Coping - 1185mm
  • 1 x 991363ST Coping Connector (Square 1 piece)

You cannot mix & match with the old steel coping. The complete set should be purchased.

This resin coping is easily trimmed using a drop saw or hacksaw to adjust the angles or length if required.
The hole for the coping connector may also need to be drilled into the top post plate as it may be in a different position.
It's a great way to make an old pool look new again.

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