The patented SWIMTRAINERClassicfrom Fred's Swim Adademy was designed in Germany by a qualified swimming instructor and has been on the market for 20 years. It is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” is the only inflatable swimming aid sold in Australia that securely and safely places children in the optimal horizontal position for learning to swim.

The SWIMTRAINER Classic”can be used from babies aged 3 (6 kg)months to 4 years (18 kg).

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" red encourages the natural kicking reflex that babies are born with. Parents will be amazed to see that babies from 3 months of age can implement a perfect 'frog leg' kicking style when placed in the SWIMTRAINER "Classic". The frog kick reflex is normally lost when toddlers start to walk, however, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” supports the child in retaining this reflex, so that it can be effectively put to use for breast stroke

All SWIMTRAINER "Classic" are certified to meet the Australian Safety Standards (AS 1900 2002), are made of robust, phthalate-free, PVC and have five inflatable chambers.

The practical clip fastener and inflatable shoulder straps ensure fast and secure fitting.

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