Introducing the Pentair Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner, the epitome of precision and performance in the realm of pool maintenance. Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning and hello to a spotlessly clean pool with minimal effort. Designed for maximum efficiency and power, the Rebel 2 leaves no corner untouched and no debris unattended.

Key Features

  • Innovative Two-Wheel Design: A compact yet effective structure that ensures meticulous cleaning of every corner of your pool.

  • Preprogrammed Steering: Advanced technology allows the cleaner to reach even the most hard-to-access corners, ensuring thorough cleaning and coverage.

  • Powerful, Clog-Free Cleaning: Built to maximize debris collection and removal, offering you a cleaner, healthier pool environment.

  • Exceptional Climbing Ability: Scales pool walls with ease, providing a comprehensive clean from the floor to the surface.

  • Steady-Grip Tires: Newly improved with added tread for exceptional wall climbing performance and obstacle navigation.

  • Increased Ground Clearance and Dual-Action Roller Skirt: Enhances maneuverability and enables the cleaner to glide smoothly over obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning.

  • Ball Bearing Construction: Increases durability and extends the lifespan of the cleaner, providing you with years of reliable service.

  • Extended Cam Run: Specifically designed for larger pools, requiring fewer turning intervals, thus optimizing cleaning performance.

  • Flexible Leader Hose: A longer and more flexible hose that minimizes waterline breaching and assists in the cleaner's overall maneuverability.

  • Easy Installation and Assembly: The cleaner body is shipped as one piece, making cleaner assembly quick and hassle-free.

Detailed Description

Unmatched Efficiency and Coverage

The advanced preprogrammed steering capability of the Rebel 2 ensures optimal coverage, even reaching into the most inaccessible corners that often harbour hidden debris. Its compact design ensures straightforward installation and manoeuvrability, making it compatible with all pool types and sizes.

Powerful Pool Cleaning

One of the standout features of the Rebel 2 is its powerful, clog-free cleaning system. This robust cleaner guarantees efficient debris collection and removal, offering you more power for a cleaner, healthier pool. Plus, its unique climbing ability allows it to effortlessly scale pool walls, ensuring a thorough clean from floor to surface.

Engineered for Longevity

The Rebel 2 employs ball bearings instead of conventional wheel brushes, enhancing durability and extending the lifespan of the cleaner. For larger pools, the cleaner's extended cam run ensures fewer turning intervals, optimizing cleaning performance.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

The Rebel 2 comes with an extended, more flexible leader hose designed to minimize breaching of the waterline and assist in the cleaner's overall manoeuvrability. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the cleaner body being shipped as one piece.

The Pentair Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner redefines what you can expect from your pool cleaning equipment. Enjoy a more sparkling, healthier pool with less effort and time invested. Unleash the rebel in your pool and experience the difference today!

Order yours now and transform your pool cleaning experience!

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