The Flip N Fill Gardenautomatic pool water filler or leveller is designed to be installed on existing pools where no provision for water level control has been made. This version connects to a garden hose (hence its name), and operates in the same way as the permanently installed version. It is a simple and effective means of achieving automatic water levelling for any pool after completion. The hose simply connects to the valve through the cap in the centre of the lid. You disconnect the hose, remove the lid and valve assembly to gain access to the skimmer basket.

The valve system employs a simple but extremely sensitive float system that moves up and down relative to the water in your pool. When the pool water falls away to alevel preset by the pool builder, the falling float triggers the valve to open and allows water to flow into the skimmer box and hence fills the pool. When the water again rises and raises the float up, theunit resets and stops the water flow.

Each Flip N Fill unit comes with three rings to accommodate several types of Skimmer boxeswith varying size lids. The option of using one of three rings means this unit will fit more than 95% of all known skimmer boxes. Choose the ringthat fits the particular skimmer box, and forget the rest.

The Flip N Fill lid is constructed of high density PVC as one of the major causes of failures is impact failure. The FNF is constructed to last with denser material and ribbing to take direct impact. It has also been designed with ribbing to enhance grip when stood on, and has two handy finger grips for easy removal when access to the skimmer box is required.

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