Introducing the Whitsunday pool range by Stern's Modular Pools, the epitome of Australian-made quality and innovation. Engineered to handle our unique climate, these pools feature corrosion-resistant all-resin components, ideal for both liquid chlorine and saltwater systems. 

The Whitsunday range makes installation quick and easy, turning your backyard into a pool paradise in just one day. The modular design supports above-ground, semi in-ground, and in-ground setups, making it adaptable to any terrain. These pools are designed for minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy more leisure time. With a 15-year pro-rata warranty and constructed from top-quality materials like galvanised BlueScope steel and marine-grade stainless steel, the Whitsunday pool range ensures long-lasting performance and peace of mind. As the best alternative to a fibreglass or cement in-ground pool, the Whitsunday range offers luxurious enjoyment at a more affordable price. Elevate your backyard with the luxurious yet affordable Whitsunday pool range by Stern's, and enjoy a resort-like experience every day.

About The Whitsunday Oval Resin Pool:

  • Size: 11.76m x 5.76, 1.37m high wall,
  • Capacity: 58,000litres
  • Material: Steel and resin
  • Liner Colour: Choose from a selection of liner colours
  • Sanitation system: Compatible with chlorine and saltwater sanitation
  • Compatible: Above-ground, in-ground and semi-ground installation
  • Warranty: 15-year pro-rata warranty. 10-year pro-rata warranty on liner
  • Australian Made
  • UV Treated: Coping and vertical posts for the Australian climate
  • Resin Top: Resin top coping and resin vertical posts replace metallic posts and coping.
  • Electrocoated metallic components: Added protection to existing galvanisation protection
  • Marine grade stainless steel: Nuts and bolts designed for saltwater use


  • Skimmer Box
  • Liner
  • Return Jets
  • Pool Frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Optional Ladders

Spacesaver Steps

Designed for inground pools or above ground pools with a decked surround Large stainless steel hand rails make getting in and out of your pool easy Creates an island where you can sit and relax Heavy duty moulding supports users up to 140kg Stainless steel deck mount included.

Narrow Steps

All plastic pool steps Narrow frame: allows for more space in pool Supports users up to 180kg Width: 700mm Depth into pool: 850mm

A-Frame Ladder

Plastic Frame Height adjustable legs ensure a level entry into the pool. Lockable entry stairs to easily stop unauthorised access to your pool. Extra high handles provide safe, comfortable and stable access Strong, durable structural construction supports users up to 120kg

In-Deck Ladder

Extra high, extra strong stainless steel climb rails allow stable hand placement and more support adjusts to virtually any pool or deck height. Supports users up to 110kg Easily secured to deck. Plastic deck mount included

Stainless Steel Deck Ladder

These pool ladders offer rigid stability and are a stylish design, suitable for both commercial and residential pools. Rests against the side of the pool. Rubber feet included and deck anchor kit included

Filter, Pump and Ladder Packages

Media Filter & Pump

High-quality pump and media filter package tailored to your pool size. While specific models may vary due to supply, each package includes a reliable, brand-name media filter and pump

Cartridge Filter & Pump

High-quality pump and cartridge filter package tailored to your pool size. While specific models may vary due to supply, each package includes a reliable, brand-name cartridge filter and pump.

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