Zodiac Natural Clarifier provides an organic solution to clearing your cloudy pool water.

Zodiac Natural Clarifier Benfits and Features

  • Size: 1L
  • Organic pool water clarifier.
  • Removes metals and clears cloudiness from your pool.
  • Helps prevent the build-up of oil and scum marks.
  • Improves your filtration efficiency.
  • Active Constituent: Chitosan

How to use Zodiac Natural Clarifier

  • Dossage when water is cloudy:45mL per 10,000L
  • Weekly MaintenanceDosage:20mL per 10,000L
  • Make sure the filter is clean and the equipment is working properly.
  • Dilute the product in a bucket of pool water and then apply the solution evenly around the edges of the pool.
  • Operate filter continuously for a minimum of 6 hours after application.

Zodiac Natural Clarifier Safety Data Sheet

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