Saltmate 120 Chlorinator


FREE delivery on Saltmate 120 chlorinators. Great value saltwater chlorinator.

Suites pools up to 80,000 litres in a temperate climate. If your pool is heated, you should think about getting the Saltmate 150.

Suitable for fibreglass pools. If your pool is concrete a self cleaning unit is recommended as the cells will build up with calcium deposits very quickly and very regular cleaning would be required, reducing the life of the cell.




Set & forget time clock

Highest quality materials

Australian made

Mineral salt compatible

Adjustable chlorine control

Chlorine meter

Water resistant casing

Highest quality & highest production cell

Resettable circuit breaker

Over salt protection

Cell safety gas trap

Cell on/off switch

Flow sensitive switch

Optional battery backup timer

Optional 12v pool light transformer


Buying and installing Saltmate 120 Chlorinator

By: Ian Jones on 8 March 2019
Staff on phone for questions where very helpfull, delivery was quick and free. I had to replumb this chlorinator so $50.00 in pipe & fittings & glue and job done. I wish i had done it a lot sooner as the amount of money spent on chemicals every two weeks would have paid for the chlorinator.

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