Thermal Spa Covers - retains the heat and saves money.

Spa Covers

Made from closed-cell, polyethylene foam, a foam spa cover will reduce water evaporation and heating costs. It has excellent insulating properties, and will help keep dust and debris out of the water.

Available in 10mm or 20mm thick panels, in a range of standard sizes.

These foam covers easily trimmed to size or shape with a sharp knife, and are suitable to be used in conjunction with a second cover, or on their own. They are made in Australia, and have a 12 month pro-rata warranty.

The 20mm Thermal Foam spa covers have been independently tested in a laboratory, and have been proven to retain more heat, and prevent less evaporation than a hard cover

Thermal spa covers

All covers come in 1 MT widths and can simply be a snug fit as in the pictures.

All our spa covers sit directly on the water. These covers are the most energy efficient saving device you can put on your spa. They reduce evaporation & save on heating costs considerably. The thicker covers have even greater insulation properties.

1 year warranty on thermal spa covers - NOTE: As spa chemicals can be quite strong, these covers can deteriorate quite fast if the water is not kept in balance.

If you require a HARD spa cover, click here...

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