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How to Fix a Cloudy Pool

In this article, we help you identify your cloudy pool and how to clear it up. Many factors can result in that unswimmable murky mess but we've got you.

Identifying cloudy pool water

Cloudy pool water tends to look milky in colour creating a murkiness, which can prevent you from being able to see the bottom of your pool. If your water has even the slightest haze to it, now is the time to work out where the problem is coming from. Getting on top of cloudy pool problems early will save you a lot of time later.

Is it safe to swim in cloudy pool water?

Cloudy pools not only look bad but can be awful for your health and well-being. Once your pool becomes cloudy it's an indication that your chlorine is no longer working to kill off bacteria. Swimming in a cloudy pool can put you at risk of many health problems, anything from eye and skin irritations to gastric or urinary problems.

What could be causing your cloudy pool water?

There are a number of reasons why your pool can be looking cloudy. One of the most common times your pool will look cloudy is after it has been heavily used. This often happens after a busy weekend in the pool.

Below we list the main reasons your pool has turned cloudy:

  • Bacteria
  • Busy time in your pool
  • Environmental Debris.
  • Rainwater.
  • Sunscreens and oils.
  • Chemistry of your pool water.
  • Insufficient chlorinator run time

Preparing your pool for clearing

Before we can jump in and start clearing up our cloudy pool we first have to clean out the debris. Using a pool scoop and brush remove any leaves that have accumulated in your pool and also make sure that your skimmer and pump basket are both clear of any debris.

How to clear up your cloudy pool

There are two ways to rectify a cloudy pool. With both options, we also recommend running your chlorinator longer than normal to make sure your water is crystal clean

Pool Clarifiers:

  • A Pool Clarifier is the perfect option for a mildly cloudy pool. The Clarifier works by combining many little particles increasing their size so that your filter can collect them and remove them from your pool. A clarifier will take a few days till you can see its full potential but will work with any filter.

  • Clarifiers tend to be easy to use, your pump doing most of the work for you. Once your pool is back up and running clarifiers are still a great product to use in your monthly upkeep. Continuing the use of a clarifier will work as a preventative to your pool becoming once again cloudy.

Pool Flocculants:

  • If you are after something more heavy-duty than a Pool Clarifier then a Pool Floc is for you. A Flocculent works similarly to a Clarifier in the sense that it combines smaller particles, where it is different though is that it combines them into a larger mass that falls to the pool floor which is unable to be collected by your filter and will need to be removed manually with a vacuum.

  • Even though there is more work involved in a flocculent there are many benefits. Whereas a clarifier will take a few days to clear your pool a floc will work within hours. A Floc also tends to be more heavy-duty and perfect for any occasion that a clarifier may not be enough to clear up the murkiness. The floc tends to be more effective when collecting all the small debris and particles making sure there is no chance of your pool staying cloudy.

( We do not recommend using pool floc if you do not have the equipment to manually vacuum the water to waste. Also, do not use floc if you have a cartridge filter without a waste line.)

Now that your head is out of the clouds on what steps to take to clear up that cloudy pool you'll be back swimming those laps in no time.

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