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Winter Pool Maintenance Checklist

The transition from autumn to winter in Australia, with Easter serving as an unofficial marker, typically signals a shift in focus for swimming pool owners. The common query we often hear post-Easter from our clients is, "How do I prepare and care for my pool during winter?" Although we have covered the process of winterising your pool in more detail in another article, it's worth highlighting some key aspects of pool maintenance in this post. Notably, caring for your pool during the winter months is not radically different from your summer pool care routine. The primary aim is always to keep your pool sanitised and inviting, and doing so in winter can actually demand less effort than during the peak swimming season.

Your Comprehensive Winter Pool Maintenance Plan

When the leaves start falling and the temperature drops, your pool will need a slightly different care routine. This article will serve as your comprehensive winter pool maintenance checklist, guiding you through the daily, weekly, monthly, and occasional tasks to keep your pool in optimal condition.

Daily Routine

  1. Adjust Chlorinator use: During winter, your chlorinator doesn't need to run as long each day. Reduce its operation to approximately 4 hours daily. In autumn and spring, a slightly longer period of 6 hours a day is recommended.

  2. Implement Pool Covers: Make sure to cover your pool with a pool blanket or leaf cover. These covers will not only reduce evaporation but also prevent debris from entering the pool, making maintenance easier.

  3. Apply Winterising Algaecide: When you stop swimming regularly, it's time to add a winterising algaecide. This product will help keep your pool water clear and algae-free throughout the cooler months.

Weekly Duties

  1. Remove Debris: Regularly scoop out leaves and other debris to keep your pool looking clean and prevent damage to your equipment.

  2. Skimmer Basket Maintenance: It's important to empty the skimmer basket on a weekly basis to maintain good water flow and filtration.

  3. Surroundings Clean-up: Keep the area around your pool clean and clear of debris to prevent unwanted material from getting into the pool.

  4. Monitor Water Levels: Always check your pool's water levels. If it's too low, the pump may get damaged; if it's too high, the skimmer door may not work properly.

Monthly Responsibilities

  1. Water Testing: Test your pool water every 4 weeks. It's crucial to maintain a balanced chemical level to keep your pool sanitised. This is especially important after periods of significant rainfall, which can disrupt the water balance.

  2. Check Phosphate Levels: High phosphate levels can promote algae growth. Regularly testing and controlling phosphate levels will help maintain a healthy, algae-free pool.

  3. Surface Cleaning: Brush the pool surfaces to prevent algae build-up and keep your pool walls and floor sparkling clean.

  4. Equipment Inspection: Regularly check your pool's equipment like the pool cleaner, chlorinator cells, pump, and hoses. Timely detection and rectification of any faults will keep your pool operating optimally.

Occasional Care

  1. Chlorinator Cell Cleaning: If you notice a buildup of calcium or other minerals on your chlorinator cells, they will need to be cleaned. This is not a routine task, but rather something to monitor and action as required.

  2. Filter Maintenance: Depending on its type and usage, your pool filter might need cleaning or backwashing occasionally. Make sure to clean your filter or backwash your sand filter as needed to ensure efficient filtration and a healthy pool.

Remember, winter pool care doesn't need to be an arduous task. By adhering to these basic maintenance procedures, you can maintain your pool's integrity and ensure it's ready to dive back into as soon as the warm weather returns. And remember, if you ever need any pool and spa supplies, we are here to help you in Australia. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks for your pool and spa.

Print this list add stick it on your fridge to remember: Download Winter checklist here

winter pool maintenance checklist

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