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Winteriser for Swimming Pools

How a Winteriser can save you money

Here in Australia, we love to take advantage of our outdoor pools and don't like to let the colder weather interfere with keeping the water clean and clear. A good winteriser product you can use in the pool during the months you don't swim in it is highly recommended.

A good quality winteriser will keep algae at bay for 90 days, so depending on your swimming season it could almost get you through the whole period you don't swim. Adding a winteriser shouldn't be too big of a deal or too much fuss for the reward you get when you dive in to clean, clear water.

My pool goes green in winter - what can I use?

If your pool has turned green during the winter months you need to treat it with algaecide, additional filtration and chlorination.

One thing we can suggest is that turning your pool off during the winter won't actually save you money. It can cost as much as 3 times as much to get the pool back up to scratch with chemicals when summer comes around again. The average pool only needs to be run around 2-3 hours a day in winter when using our Winteriser pack.

What products do I need for my pool in winter?

Winter Algaecide

A unique formulation specifically designed for Winter. Winter algaecide eradicates all types of algae and will protect your pool throughout the cooler winter months for up to 90 days.

Phosphate Remover

We recommend using a phosphate starver, particularly during times of heavy rain. Phosphate remover works by removing the algae food source.

Algae is a living plant. Like all living things, algae needs food to survive and grow. If you take away the food source, any living thing will die right? The food source of algae is phosphates. Phosphate remover will remove phosphates. No phosphates, no algae. Pretty simple isn't it. Phosphates enter in the pool in many ways... naturally through the air by wind, dust, leaves, bird droppings, off humans, runoff from gardens, fertilisers & chemicals.

Pool Conditioner

The Pool Conditioner in our Winteriser pack is designed for winter conditions. It will remove body fats, oils & dissolved metals. It will also help clean the scum line around the tile line or around the water surface.

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