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6 Types of Pool Stains

This article discusses the types of stains you may come across in your pool to assist you in identifying and selecting the most effective treatment for the stain and preventing recurrence.

Organic Pool Stains

Algae Stain

Low Chlorine levels, warm temperatures, and poor or restricted circulation can be the main causes of algae stains. Green algae are the most common colour but they can also appear in shades of yellow, black, and pink.

Foliage stains

If foliage like leaves, berries, or flowers aren’t removed promptly they can leave behind stains in your pool. The colour of these stains will vary depending on the foliage itself. Most foliage stains will fade by themselves but other times you will need a stronger solution to rid of them.

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Metal Pool Stains

Iron Stains

Iron stains will look rusty in colour and will develop usually on the finish of the pool. Iron stains can be caused by something as simple as having an iron fence close to your pool. If the fence is rusting it can make its way into your pool, raining being one of the possible transfers. It can also arise from filling your pool with water from a well, your well being highly likely to contain iron.

Copper stains

Copper stains are usually identified by the green colouring of your pool finish and can also change the colour of the water to the same green colouring. Copper staining can occur when you introduce sulfates, low-quality pool salts, or even copper-based algaecides. High PH levels can bond the copper in these products to the pool surface. Unbalanced water can also cause staining in the pipes which can then be transferred into your pool.

Rust stains

Rust stains can occur from metal fragments settling in the pool. If the fragments are left in the pool they begin to rust leaving the orange colouring on the pool surface. These fragments can include items like hair pins or nails. Cheap pool salts can also result in rust stains as they tend to contain small metals and mineral fragments.

Salt Stains

Low-quality salts are causing an increase in salt stains. Poor quality salt tends to have a high moisture content and a high mineral content, the minerals having a light brown appearance which with continued use can lead to discolouration of your pool.

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