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Your Guide to Removing Organic Pool Stains

Organic stains are usually caused by debris falling into the pool and low levels of chlorine. Leaving debris or algae to sit can result in pool stains. This article will provide you with a step-to-step guide on how to remove the stains and outline how to prevent having to deal with them again.

Steps to Removing Organic Pool Stains

  1. Check those pool water levels. Your PH levels should be between 7.4 and 7.6 while your alkalinity levels should be between 100ppm and 150ppm.
  2. Time to Shock your pool using a liquid or granular chlorine.
  3. Leave overnight with the pump running.
  4. Manually brush down your pool walls and floors.
  5. If the stains haven’t disappeared repeat the process.
  6. If you find some stains that don't want to budge, put a small amount of your granular chlorine into a stocking and put it directly on the stain for a few hours.

Preventing Organic pool stains

  • Keep those pool water levels balanced. Regularly check your PH, Chlorine, and Alkalinity levels.
  • Keep your pool clean. Make sure you are removing debris from your pool as well as keeping the walls and floors of your pool scrubbed or vacuumed.
  • If you plan on doing some landscaping try to keep shrubs and trees away from the pool to prevent debris from falling off the tree into the pool.
  • Lastly, jump onto the stains straight away. If you see a small stain remove it before it becomes a bigger clean-up.

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