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Pool Clarifier Vs Pool Flocculant

Both new and experienced pool owners are often confused between pool clarifier and pool flocculant. At times they may use these products interchangeably expecting a different result. This article aims to explain in simple terms what the purpose of clarifier and floc is, and when you should use them

What is a pool clarifier?

A pool clarifier is essentially a coagulant that binds together smaller particles (organic and inorganic) into larger ones and helps in the removal of these clumps through a pool filter. These fine particles often cause cloudiness, so using a clarifier will restore sparkle in the pool and also helps aid in filtration.

When to use a pool clarifier:

As the name suggests, it clarifies or clears the water. If the pool is looking cloudy or murky, use it. Rain often brings dirt and debris into your pool causing the water to look cloudy - this would be a good time to use a clarifier.

Pool clarifiers are also a brilliant product to add to your regular pool maintenance regime.

How to use a pool clarifier

Usually, a clarifier comes in two forms, tablet and liquid form. Tablets such as Miraclear Cube clarifying tablet are placed directly in the skimmer basket. Liquid clarifier such as Algon Clarifier works similarly to create a crystal clear pool.

Before using, always clean the filter as per the manufacturer’s procedures and check the dosage rate. Then check and maintain the pH of the pool between 7.2 to 7.6. Next, add the clarifier while the pump and filter are running and the work is done. Repeat it weekly for consistent water clarity and shine.

What is pool Flocculant?

Pool Flocculant is similar to clarifier in that it binds smaller particles together. However, floc is stronger than clarifier and forms larger clumps that sink to the bottom of your pool. Applying pool floc requires more effort however it will give you faster results.

When to use Pool floc and when not to use a flocculant:

We would recommend you use pool floc in the following situations:

  • Clear up all levels of water cloudiness
  • Particularly murky looking water
  • Remove dead algae
  • If you want fast results

We do not recommend using pool floc if you do not have the equipment to manually vacuum the water to waste. Also, do not use floc if you have a cartridge filter without a waste line.

How to use pool flocculant:

  1. Check and Maintain the Ph of the pool between 7.5 to 8.0 for best results.
  2. Add the Floc directly into the pool water and run the filter for 1 hour and then switch the pump off until debris had settled down at the bottom.
  3. Once the debris has settled down to the bottom, slowly vacuum the pool to Waste never through the Filter. Pool Algae treatment algaecide

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