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Pool Water Evaporation

Preventing Pool Evaporation will save you lots of money!

Do you know you can be losing thousands of litres every month from your pool through evaporation. The main factors that affect evaporation rates from domestic outdoor pools are:

  • Pool Surface area
  • The temperature or the water and air
  • Humidity
  • Wind

How does pool evaporation happen?

The bigger the pool, the more surface area, therefore a greater evaporation volume. The highest evaporation rates occur when the differences between water and air temperature are the greatest. This may not be in the middle of a hot day when the pool is in use. At this point the water and air temperature may be quite close. Later at night the pool water may remain warm, but the air temperature has fallen substantially - that means a greater temperature difference between air and water - and greater evaporation.

Did you know that by using a pool blanket can reduce evaporation rates by up to 97%! A pool blanket provides a physical barrier to evaporation. It covers the pool surface like putting a lid on a jar. It can't be totally watertight like a jar lid, but a properly fitted pool blanket is so effective that it stops 97% of evaporation.

All across Australia, water is a precious, scarce and costly commodity.

An easy way to prevent pool evaporation

A pool blanket can almost completely stop water loss through evaporation - but just how much water are we really talking about? Refer to our fact sheet... You will be amazed! For more info and pricing on pool blankets, click here.

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