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Spend Money at Home During Covid Times

Come On, You Can Do This!!

Put in a Modular Family Pool in a Weekend. DIY and Save $$$

Options, shapes and sizes are endless. Above ground, semi or fully in-ground pools are available.

Landscaping is only limited by your imagination.

Across Australia, people stuck at home during the pandemic have turned to swimming pools, as families put a lot of the money they didn’t spend on holidays into their backyards.

An above-ground modular pool can turn any backyard into a resort oasis in just a weekend!

A wonderful advantage of a modular pool for renters is that these pools can be easily dismantled and taken to your next house!

Choosing a Site

This isn’t just about finding a level spot in the backyard. You need to check for overhead or shallow underground utility lines. You’ll also need to ensure that the level spot isn’t above tree roots and stumps that can’t be removed.

Avoid any area with a sudden slope within 2 metres of where the pool will sit. Choose a spot with full sun or at least partial sun/shade for most of the day so your pool water warms up quickly and stays warm for swimming.

Prepping the Site
The following steps are necessary for temporary and permanent above ground pools:

  • First, mark out the area where the pool will go.
  • Start at what will be the center of the pool.
  • With a string attached to a large nail or stake, measure the circumference of the pool plus 20xm.
  • Use spray paint or tape to mark the perimeter.
  • Then, make the area completely level. Most importantly, bring the entire area down to the level of the lowest point.
  • Fill in low areas rather than digging out high areas as this can lead to damage to the pool liner,

Assembly Steps
Once the area is level, assembly and base prep can begin.

  • Assemble the bottom wall rim along the circumference of the pool area.
  • Inside the ring, lay a level or 10cm of playground sand.
  • Attach the pool walls.
  • Create a sand cove, or angled area of sand, that rests against the pool wall. You can also buy a foam cove, eliminating the work to get the sand cove uniform.
  • Install the liner, starting in the center of the pool with the bottom piece.
  • Install and anchor side-wall liners and attach the top rail.
  • Fill the pool halfway with water at this point, then concentrating on installing the skimmer and return fittings.
  • Connect the filter and pump before you finish filling the pool.

DIY installation can save you a bundle and can easily be achieved over a weekend with a couple of mates to assist. But only attempt it if you’re confident you’ve got the skills and patience to achieve an error-free installation. The longevity of your pool depends on it! If in doubt get professional advice.

Most importantly, enjoy your newly completed pool, and search online for some great landscaping ideas. Remember that landscaping does not have to happen straight away. This can be completed over a period of time, even years if necessary to spread out the cost.

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