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What is the Best Pool Water Temperature

Heating your swimming pool allows you to enjoy swimming at a temperature that is comfortable to you and your family - while also extending your swimming season.

What is the Best Temperature to run my pool at?

While the best pool temperature is always a personal preference, most people tend to enjoy their water sitting at about 27 degrees celsius. At this temperature, the water feels refreshing when you dive in on a hot Summer day and ensures an enjoyable pool experience.

Heating your pool for joint conditions

Some health conditions that lead to joint pain and immobility may have you preferring a warmer temperature of 30 degrees. This will allow for greater relaxation and movement. Keep in mind the hotter the water, the more energy will be required to maintain it. 27 degrees Celsius is a great all-round water temperature.

The best ways to heat your pool

Raising the water temperature to 27 Degrees and maintaining it can be done in a couple of ways.

The most common are:

We recommend combining your chosen pool heating method with a pool cover. A pool cover will help hold and retain the water temperature overnight or when the pool heating system is not running. This will also have the additional benefit of reducing water evaporation, which is exacerbated with warmer water. A pool cover is the best energy-saving product any pool owner can use on a pool.

The benefits of using a pool blanket are

  • Cuts evaporation by 97% - saving between 8000 and 10,000 litres of water a month in summer

  • Helps to keep out leaves and dirt

  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%

  • Reduces heat loss overnight

  • a pool blanket on its own will increase the pool water temperature by as much as 8 deg C in summer without any other form of heating!

Remember, your pool is a very large investment for a homeowner. It just makes sense to get the most use out of your pool, by either extending the swimming season or even using the pool all year round.

Most of all, enjoy your pool and happy swimming!

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