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All About Halogen Pool Lights

Pool lights bring your backyard pool to life at night time. In fact, there is no better way to create a resort-like atmosphere than by adding an underwater glow of LEDs. This article aims to answer some of our customer's most common questions surround pool lights and connect you with more thorough articles on the subject

Correct handling of halogen globes:

How to replace a halogen globe

It is important to note that you should not handle new tungsten-halogen globes as oils from the hand can cause the globe to fail or shatter. Use a tissue to handle globes and if necessary clean globes with methylated spirits. Handling the globe can cause a hot spot on the glass & because these globes operate at extremely high temperatures, it will make the globe overheat even more causing a very short life. Most people blame the globe for a short life, however bad handling of the globe is the most likely cause.

Check for correct voltage. Pool lights can either be 32, 24 or 12 volt. Most lights manufactured in the last few years are nearly all 12 AC, however some manufacturers do have a 30 volt DC light. Putting a 12 volt globe in a light that is designed for 24 or 32 volts will cause the globe to blow straight away. On the other hand if you put a 24 or 32 volt globe in a 12 volt light, it will work but be a lot dimmer.

Halogen versus LED pool lights

The average lamp life of halogen is around 1200 hours when handled correctly. LED is 20,000 hours plus!.

To maximize the lamp life of your halogen globe your light should be turned on regularly. Lack of use can potentially damage the globe and shorten its life. By turning on the light weekly, because of the heat generated, it will normally dry out any condensation that may be present inside the light.

It is essential that you do not turn a halogen light on out of water. The globe burns white-hot and you will cause damage to your light's seal and over a very short time cause the light to melt or deform, when this happens it enables water to enter the light cavity, destroying the light.

Only one halogen light can be used on a 100w transformer. Unlike the LED lights it is not the lamp that emits the colour it is actually the lens. So you will need to choose the lens colour that you would like your pool water colour to be.

Up to 5 LED lights can be used drawing 100 watts whereas 1 x halogen draws 100 watts. LED lights are available with white, blue, green or even colour change LEDs. Some of our LED lights have a strobe or disco effect function. LED lights create an ambience like no other light on the market. When turned on underwater it creates an opalescent glow for a "mood" effect, the spread of colour in the pool appears as if a coloured dye has been poured into the water.

If you have a halogen light now and want to replace it, we have surface mount Retro lights available that will fit onto where your existing surface light is now. (Suits most leading brands). The Retro lights are available in halogen or LED. (LED Recommended) More details here: On this page like you will find fitting instructions that you can download that show you how it all goes together and what lights they replace.

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