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LED Pool Lights VS Halogen Lights

Shopping for new or replacement pool lights can be confusing, particularly when there are so many on offer. You'll find that you will face two main choices. Halogen or LED pool lights. Below we aim to make your decision making a little easier by highlighting the pros and cons of each

LED Pool Lights - The Pros and Cons

Nearly all modern pool lights and pool light kits feature LED bulbs. The lighting industry, in general, is seemingly moving towards LED as its benefits outweigh the negatives.

Benefits of LED Pool Lights

  • LED lights offer a longer Lifespan (with proper maintenance)
  • Safer (due to requiring significantly less power to run)
  • Multi-Colour options that cover a range of colours in the RGB spectrum. This gives you so many more aesthetic options for your swimming pool
  • Drivers for the multi-colour lights that enable advanced operation as well synchronisation of multiple multi-colour LEDs.

Cons of LED Pool Lights

LED lights unfortunately often aren’t repairable like halogens, and when they die they require the entire light to be replaced. Additionally, they tend to be a bit more expensive upfront over older Halogen lights. That being said, Halogen lights are slowly being phased out by the industry, and it's already difficult to find a new halogen lights for swimming pools.

Halogen Pool Lights - The Pros and Cons

Benefits of Halogen Pool Lights

Up until recently, all pool lights featured a halogen bulb. Halogen pool lights have a cheaper upfront cost and are typically a little brighter as well. Another benefit to the halogen lights is that they can be serviced if a part is needed or a globe needs replacing.

Cons of Halogen Pool Lights

The lifespan of the halogen globes is much shorter than the LED globes. You will find halogen globes will have between 1500-5000 hours of life whereas the LED globes can be made to last for up to 30000 hours, this isn’t to say however that either will last that long as moisture build-up inside the fittings can damage the globes if you aren’t turning the light on regularly. The other disadvantages are that the halogens use a lot more power to run than the LED lights, they use about 100-150 watts instead of the 25-30 watts LED lights use to produce a comparable amount of light

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