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How to Replace Your Swimming Pool Lights

In this article, we set out to give a very general outline of how you can replace your own swimming pool lights.

Please note, depending on your pre-existing model of light and the model you’ve chosen to replace it with, there will be specific steps that you’ll need to follow which will be outlined in the new lights installation documents. That being said, this should serve as a general guide.

How to replace your pool lights

  1. Disconnect the old light from power. The safest way to do this is to turn off the Power Point the transformer is plugged into, then unplug the transformer, then if possible disconnect the light cable from the transformer
  2. Remove the old light from the pool and bring it above the water level. The exact process for this step will vary depending on what model of light you’re replacing; however, broadly speaking, if it is a wall-mounted light you will probably have to get in there with a screwdriver to unscrew the light from the bracket. If it was a niche mounted light you’ll most likely just simply have to unscrew the light from the wall, although occasionally they also need screws removed as well.
  3. Cut the light cable as close to the old light as possible. Some lights might even have a way of separating the cable without needing to cut the cable, however, most will require a cut.
  4. IF you have a wall-mounted light, depending on the model of that light, you may need to swap the old mounting bracket for the mounting bracket supplied with your new light. This step should usually only require a screwdriver to undo the screws attaching the old bracket and then screw in the new bracket. Most manufacturers try to make their brackets have screw holes that align with most old mounting brackets, however, if that is not the case you may have to drill new screw holes into the surface of your pool to attach the new light mounting bracket.
  5. Attach the new light to the pre-existing light cable. Again, the specific actions required for this step will depend on your replacement light model, however, most replacement lights provide a kit so that even people without an electrical background can connect the light to the pre-existing cable. Usually, this will involve clamping the exposed copper wiring together and then using supplied heat shrink to insulate the connection.
  6. Attach the new light to the pool. At the risk of sounding like a broken record the specifics of this step will depend on the replacement light model you purchased, however usually for a wall-mounted light all that should be required is using a screwdriver to attach the new light to the mounting bracket. For a niche mounted light this will usually involve simply screwing the light into the pre-existing niche.
  7. Re-connect the light to power.

Do I have to drain my pool to replace pool lights?

Not usually. Most pool lights should be installed with enough cabling to bring the light to the surface, allowing you to avoid draining the pool while still keeping the wires dry. If this is not the case, you will need to drain the pool to a point you can safely work on the light without it getting wet.

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